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Events relating to Akenti

Akenti-related Gathering

1-4pm Friday 28th March, University of Manchester


View photograph of presenters.

The PERMIS Privilege Management Infrastructure

2-4pm Thursday 8th May, University of Manchester

PERMIS Presentation - Prof David Chadwick, I.S. Institute, University of Salford

JISC Joint Programme Meeting - Portals Programme and Shared Services Programme

22nd-23rd May, University of Warwick

Presentation: Akenti access to zetoc - Ross MacIntyre

Introduction to XML Web Services

18th July, University of Manchester

Course organised by MIMAS for members of 'AAA' and other JISC Development Programmes. Course tutor Nick Todd, Conygre Consultants for Stilo Technologies Ltd
Course Overview

AHM2003 eScience 'All Hands' Meeting 2003

2-4 September, Nottingham

Paper 'Akenti Access to zetoc' submitted (also available as a Word document, with illustrations)

Poster presented by Mike Jones (poster in Powerpoint format)

eGIF Seminar

10th December, University of Manchester

Seminar - e-Government Interoperability Framework Seminar

Covering an introduction to eGIF, XML and implementing systems using XML technology.

Organised by MIMAS for the JISC Development community. Course tutors Nick Todd, Matt Belsten & Andy Longshaw, Conygre Consultants.